Lookin back

Hey everyone,

So I recently went home to see some family and friends..   It was a good time and a lot of good food.  While there something totally amazing and mindbottling happened.. Yes mindbottling, you know, where mind is trapped like in a bottle..  First a little background.  When I was gettin ready to leave my home town to follow the fire of God to revival I sought out my local pastor.  At the time no one wanted me to leave and when I told him about this Revival church his words were “they think they are in revival”.  When I got home and looked him up, we talked for hours.  About what the church is doing,  how God is workin in my life, everything.  Then something happened on sunday morning.. During his sermon he stopped in mid sentence,  looked over at me and I quote, “do you know what America, the church and, well, I need in my life… A Revival.. we need revival to spread!!”  Later I asked his wife if he had ever given a sermon like that and she said he has never brought up revival before in all his 35 years, not like that and not in a sermon…  Amazing.

Just thought I would share what God is doing to the hearts of some

God bless

Beau Waln

Hello all.

My hope, by you reading this, that you will be entertained as well as informed all while learning, sharing and laughing your way to a fuller life in Christ.  That is my hope, my prayer and my goal in life.  To bring as many people to the greatest love that I have found in my different wonderings through life.

The great friends that have come up with this site as well as worked with me on the skits and everything you see and hear here have changed my life for the better and I love them all and take this time to say thank you all….

I pray you have been entertained, learned something worth while, smiled a bit, and walked away with a smile or hope…

Thank you for stopping by

Beau Waln

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